Before our exams this year my class were so lucky we got to try Grammarly. Grammarly is a program that continuously overlooks your text makes sure you get rid of small grammatical errors, wrong spelling and poor vocabulary usage.

The program can be downloaded as a Chrome extension as well as an extension in programs like Word. When using it in Chrome, the extension will help you write mistake free in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and so on. It works in the same way in Word. As you write green and red lines pop up underneath the words and sentences Grammarly wants you to change.


When you see these lines, you can click on them and Grammarly will suggest another way of spelling the word or another word entirely. It can also help you rephrase sentences that are too long or too complicated.

Having a program like Grammarly on my written exam was brilliant. Or in my case brilliant for a while. I don’t know why, but whenever I use Grammarly it works great the first few paragraphs, but then, for some reason I don’t know, it won’t correct my writing anymore. It sais it is processing my text, but it fails to find any mistakes. I find this really annoying because it means the first part of my text has a lot fewer mistakes than the rest. When reading my text later it just looks like I got tired and lost focus while I was writing.

However, this little issue, I’m sure, is fixable. I really recommend Grammarly to all those of you who are struggling with spelling and vocabulary. Using Grammarly gives you confidence because you don’t have to worry about embarrassing mistakes.

If you are still in doubt whether Grammarly is a program you should use or not, you can check out their website.


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