Lions for Lambs

1. Lions for Lambs is a 2007 American drama film about the conection between a platoon of United States soldiers in Afghanistan, a U.S senator, a journalist and a California college professor. They are connected to each other in several intricate ways. The soldiers are on a mission in Afghanistan on orders from the senator, the senator is being interviewed by the reporter on American foreign engagement. And then there is the professor who were the soldiers professor in college before they joined the army.

The professor did not like the idea of his students becoming soldiers, but actually, he was the one who gave them the idea. They were assigned a task on American engagement in America and how to solve their own problems before engaging in other confilcts. The soldiers thought thay had found the solution by joining the army and thereby creating a safe environment for Americans to solve their own problems.

2. The professor asks Todd to get involved. Todd needs to make a choise. He has been skipping classes, but as a rather clever student he still does well in school. The professor wants him to focus on school and exploit his potential.

3. There is a connection between social conditions in America and US involvement in wars. Many believe that America spends too much of their tax money on “helping” others with their involvement in foreign conflicts., and not enough dealing with social problems in their own cities.

4. Wednesday President Obama laid out his plan Wednesday to go after the terror group with “strength and resolve”. The discussion about what he said and what it means for America and ISIS is just getting started. I don’t know what the general thought amongst the people on this matter is, but I am guessing it is not Obama’s most popular decision, since he has managed to keep the country from going to war during his time in offeice.


One thought on “Lions for Lambs

  1. Concerning your last point, I would guess so too. We will probably hear more about this in the near future. War is expensive for the countries involved ut at the same time creates new jobs too ironically. Like becoming a soldier which is a reasonable solution for many unprivileged students.

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