Westminster tour and Warner bros. studios

Thursday was our last day with an agenda. First on our program was a guided tour around Westminster. Our guide was very good and shared a lot of interesting facts both about the history of Westminster and its architecture, as well as the people living and working in the area. A fun thing about Westminster is that the area is flooding profilic politicians, and as we stood in Victoria Tower Gardens listening to our guide, John Prescott walked by!

Walking round Westminster we saw the Big Ben and the Parliament, the palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey and the Westminster school of preforming arts as well as the Royal Collage of St. Peter in Westminster. On our tour we also visited the house of Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia. He lived Barton street, Westminster while writing Seven Pillars of Wisdom which was published in 1922.

Lawrence’s houseThe Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

After our tour around Westminster, and some lunch, we got on a bus to Warner Bros. studios in Watford.

I have been a huge fan of Harry Potter since my mother read me the first book when I was 6 years old. Seeing how the movies were made was really intersting and I had a great time. I think, for me, the visit to WBS was the best thing on our trip. It was fantiastic walking around the studio knowing it was where the movies were filmed. We saw the Griffindor common room, the great hall, the diagonalley and every prop used in the films. They also displayed the full model of Hogwarts, used in scenes showing the castle from above and outer angles.

The pictures from the top: The Great hall, the Griffindor commonroom, the knight bus, the broomsticks, the quidditch ball set and the wands of the main characters.


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