BBC-tour and Churchill war rooms

Wednesday a small group in our class got to visit the BBC! I was one of lucky 11! We got a small tour around the studios and we got to see the famous 24 hour live news room, and walk around whist on air. Then we were taken up to radio 1 and 1xtras studios. We saw how they made their radioshows and their research rooms. The guide told us that they often had famous artists visiting them doing live preformences.

After lunch the next post on our programme was the Churchill war rooms. We went under ground to the chambers from which Churchill and his war time government worked during the war. What was really cool about this museum was how everything was displayed as they were during the war.

Photo 14.01.15, 16.16.28Photo 14.01.15, 16.16.30pictures of the kitchen.

Photo 14.01.15, 15.43.39picture of the meeting room where many important decisions were made.

What made the museum very special was that it also captured the atmosphere and how it must have been to work and spend som much time in such a tight space. Access to the site and public knowledge remained highly restricted until the late 1970s, when the Imperial War Museum began preserving the site and its contents, making the place accessible to a public audience.



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