5 reasons for Obama to be satisfied

Back in 2008, when Obama took over for Bush, 65% of the American electors, according to “Gallup poll daily tracking, Nov. 6-8, 2008”, believed that he would be a good president. In 2011 he had his least popular period. only 40% approved of his job as President. Since then his popularity has had its ups and downs, but by the end of 2014 it seemed to be on its way back up. Gallup said 48% of the American people approved of his work. This is the highest number he has achieved since july 2013.

Lately we have started to see some results of Obamas hard work and he is getting closer to the goals he set for the country 6 years ago.

Here are five factors that might explain more carefully why his popularity is on the rise.

1. The unemployment rates are dropping

In November 2014 321 00 people were employed. This was the highest growth in employment since 2011. The unemployment rate is now at 5,8%. Last time Obama ran for president, his opponent, Mitt Romney, promised to get the rates below 6%. 5,8% is in other words a great achivement.

2. Gas prices are dropping

Gas prices, in America, is a matter of great importance for many. Since the beginning of 2014 the prices have dropped dramatically. Costing 6,7 NOK per litre in January last year, it has now fallen to only 4,5 NOK per litre. This is of course gasoline as almost no one uses diesel in America.

3. The new public attitude and approach to Cuba

Early in december Obama announced the governments plans for a more normal relation with Cuba. According to new statistics from the Washington post this is plan the better part of the American people supports. The majority of the population wants the resticions gone. 74% wants the travelrestrictions gone. 68% wants to open for trade between the two countries, and 64% restore diplomatic connections.

4. Immigration

In late November the President revealed his new plans for dealing with immigration. The plans are out of reach for the congress, witch means Obama will be able to go trough with it without any complications caused by the congress. The biggest and most discussed measure was making sure 4,2 million illigal immigrants were protected from eviction. The results of this measure is people wanting the congress to work on a new immigration reform, rather than opposing Obamas every suggestion. In addition this was a very popular move in the hispanic part of the population.

5. Pulling out of unpopular wars. Joining popular wars

After Bush, America had several hundred thousand soilders in Afghanistan and Iraq. Today there are only some ten thousands left. The wars eventually became unpopular in America. On the other hand, a war that has become popular is the war against IS. Still, it seems unlikely that Obama will involve major ground forces. As he says: I hesitate to spend billions of dollars on this, after being invovled in major unsuccessful occupations.






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