Collaboration with students in Alaska

As I have mentioned earlier on this blog, our teacher provides us with many unique opportunities. A couple of weeks ago we got in touch with some students from Alaska and were able to ask them some questions about the American society, social issues and the electorial collage. Now they have answered our questions, and I am impressed with their answers. It seems they have put a lot of effort into it.

Martin, one of my fellow students, and myself asked the question:

“What are your thoughts on the shooting incident in Ferguson, Missouri?”

We got several interesting answers for example this one from Nick:

“The whole situation is confusing and it’s hard to tell where the evidence leads, exactly. I believe the cop was in the wrong. I am angry about the non-indictment verdict. But there aren’t a whole lot of things you could say to change the situation. Most of the media is framing it so that it criminalizes the victim, and others still try to make up false evidence to demonize all cops. Overall, I think it brings up many issues that have been avoided for too long, such as racism, police brutality, and a faulty justice system.”

A girl named Abigael also had some interesting thoughts. She said: “

The situation, solely from the case, is unjust, in my opinion. Right now there are so many fallacies against the situation, that it’s hard to keep track of what is true. Though it’s a terrible incident to have occurred, it has sparked up discussion on issues that have been avoided for a long time. Issues like the Mexico kidnappings, North Korea’s executions, Tamir Rice, and so many more are gaining awareness. It’s scary to realize that things aren’t okay, but it’s bringing the initiative for change.”

Other students in my class had some questions as well.I liked Ulrik and Stein’s question and some of the answers they got.

“How do you feel about the US being involved in so many conflicts?”

I thought what Chris had to say about this made sense:

“The U.S. should not be involved in most of the foreign world’s conflicts when it doesn’t involve us. President Obama recently addressed the ISIS situation, and said he did not want to put soldiers in the Middle East, which is, in my opinion, a step in the right direction.”

And what Nofo. M thinks is definitely something I can agree with.

“Those with power tend to take responsibility for the world. Although its true that we’ve been sticking our nose in everyone’s business, you’ve got to understand that a lot of things happening in the world cannot be overlooked. Human trafficking, mass killing, and currently terrorist attacks like ISIS, are issues that we just can’t look away from. If we have the power to help, then we should, even with opposition from within ourselves, give help.”


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