The American Health Reform

obamacare explained

After struggeling for a long time with large protests and many discussions the Affordable Care Act finaly kicked in in the beginning of 2014. There are 4 main ways most of the American peoplewill experience health care with this new health reform. Around 50% will get insurance trough work, as before. About 30% will be covered by the government thorugh the systems “medicare” and “medicade”. Around 10% will buy insurance on their own and, sadly, another 10% will have no insurance at all.

In the workplace, for people who are already covered, not much will change, except there will be free prevantive care. For those working in large companies, but are not covered things will change. The new health reform requires companies with more than 50 employees to cover insurance for all full time workers. For the smaller companies the government will make it easier for them to cover their employees by for example tax benefits.

For those covered by Medicare not much will change. However Medicaid are expanding and will cover more people, especially poor and disabled adults.

For those not covered by either their work or the government, insurance will become cheaper and easier to get through insurance markedplaces. Most people buying their own insurance will be given tax benefits so that they can afford the insurance.

The point of the reform is making sure as few Americans as possible will be without insurance. A life without insurance is a life filled with worries. As long as nothing happens with you or your family things will be fine, but when accidents happen and you can’t pay for treatment and medications, what will then happen?


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