D-day 70th Anniversary

US President Barack Obama and French President Francois Hollande look out over Omaha BeachUS President Obama and French President Hollande look out over Omaha beach.

June 6th 1944 the allied forces invaded Normandy in France in the Operation Overlord. This was the largest ever seaborne invasion ever which lead to the restoration of France and eventually the Allied victory in the war. The target; the Normandy coast was devided into five sectors. Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword Beach. The weather conditions on D-day were far from ideal. Strong winds drove the landing crafts away from there intended positions and the soliders landed under heavy gun fire from the Germans. Most lives were lost at Omaha beach due to the advantage the high cliffs gave the germans. About 3000 american soldiers lost their lives at Omaha.

This year, 2014, it is 70 years since the D-day. This is marked with a series of events both in the UK and various locations along the Normandy coast. Many heads of States are participating in these events including, Barack Obama, Francois Hollande, David Cameron. Other participants were Queen Elisabeth and other members of the British royal family, as well as many of the veterans who took part in the actual operation in 1944. The youngest of the veterans are almost 90 years old, therefore chances are this is the last anniversary most of them will participate in. Because of this the event planners made sure to make this commemoration a big one. 

Here are some pictures from the anniversary:

HM Queen Elizabeth II pays her respects after laying a wreath at the French-British ceremony held at the British War cemetery in Bayeux, northern France on the 70th anniversary of D-DayBritish veterans read the order of service at the open-air ceremonyArtists perform against a backdrop of coloured fireworks at the Internationa Ceremony

If you want to see more pictures visit The Telegraph’s website.



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