Scotland’s referendum

For the last 300 years Scotland has been a part of Great Britain. A union they share with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. However this could soon change as the people of Scotland will vote either for or against leaving the union September the 18th this year. There are good arguments both for and against breaking up the close partnership between the countries in the union. 

One argument is the oil in the North Sea that technically is found on Scottish soil. If Scotland were to go out of the union they would not have to share the income from the oil and gas industry with the rest of Great Britain. It has been estimated that oil and gass worth almost £1.5 trillion, based upon the current markeds, is still left in the North Sea. One can understand why Scotland want the income to them selves.

On the other hand leaving the union means Scotland is left out of the gold mine that is London city.London City is one of the two (together with Wall Street) major trading centres in the world. The City of London generates about 22% of the UK’s GDP, Which means they had a surplus of almost £85 bilion in 2013. If the Scots vote for leaving the union this is an income they won’t get a share of.

The Scots are a proud people and many of them want Scotland to become an independent country. Many of them vote by heart and therefor “yes” for leaving the union. Others, and most of the people voting “no”, claim they do not know enough to take a stand, and are happy the way things are at the time. It seems to me the people voting “yes” are talking about the positive possibilities that comes from leaving the union and not the negative sides of staying, while those who vote “no” are more concerned with the negative sides of independence than why it is good to stay in the union. What I mean is the “yes-men” seem like more possitive people than the “no-men”. 

Anyways this is a referendum and no matter the arguments It is up to the people of Scotland to decide the future of the United Kingdom, and as of now the union will continue. If the majority of the Scots doesn’t change their mind before september 18. (21. aug 2014) (2008)


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