Trace effects

Today we have been playing Trace effects. Trace effects is an alternative way of learing about American culture and behavior. The game is developed by the US. Government for teenagers between 12 and 16. 

My opinion of the game is this: 

I think it was rather boring. The game repeats it self many times and and everything takes forever. In the game you play as a 3. person character from 2045 who is accidentally sent back in time. To get back to his own time he has to do a lot of different tasks for different people. 

The idea of the game is good. Many people need help to learn how to talk to strangers in a polite way. For people who are not American the game offers a great opportunity to learn about American culture. 

In the end I would give this game 3 out of 6 possible points. What drags it down is the game being boring.


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