11th hour and different ways of taking notes

Today we have seen the movie “11th hour”.

The movie is a documentary starring Leonardo di Capreo telling us about global warming and its effect on mankind. We get to see a lot of devastating pictures of glaciers melting, dying animals and different types of pollution due to human activity.

The point of the movie is to make the viewers aware of the troubled situation faced by the future of mankind. Watching the movie you get the impression that nothing we do can save the planet and that it is to late to try. Though in the end some of the experts, brought in to talk about their studies and points of interest, begin telling about new building projects and new and environmental ways of thinking that hopefully are going to save our beloved planet.

While we were watching the movie our teacher divided us into three groups. One group sharing and taking notes in an online google document. The second group taking individual notes on their computer and the last group doing it by hand. The point of our little experiment was to see which method was the best and how easily we got distracted when using a computer.

Personally I am not a big fan of taking notes while watching a movie. I find it distracting to sit  there and type/write down the main points of the movie. Therefor, during the experiment, I simply put down my computer, pen and paper, and sat back to enjoy the movie. (And as I hope you can see from my resume I think I got the main point.)

But as for those who took notes the conclusion was: The best way, for our class, to take notes is individually on our owncomputers. The reason it is the better option is that taking notes in an online google document will be distracting since other people are able to edit your notes as well as their own. Taking notes on your computer is faster than doing it by hand. And a bonus is, if you are good at multitasking, and can type without looking at the keyboard, you will be able to watch the movie and write down notes at the same time.


One thought on “11th hour and different ways of taking notes

  1. I agree with you, it is nicer to watch a movie without taking notes. Then you can enjoy it and pay attention to detail. But sometimes you need to write down the details because you will forget it after the movies is finished. That is when it might be good to collaborate!

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