Sandy, the Hurricane



Sandy has hit the humans with huge powers. The people living in the prone areas have tried to prepare them self for the storm. There is a lot of water many places. Many people use boats to get around and some places it is not possible to drive a car. Not everyone can get food and some of them are trapped in their own home.  People are trying to help, but it is not very easy.

Many people have died because of Sandy.  Around 200 people have died so far, but the numbers are uncertain because people are missing. The biggest reason why people die is flood, but some also die when houses and buildings are falling apart.


After the storm Sandy ravaged Haiti, the Caribians and the East Coast it is estimated that the insurance companies have to pay at least 20 billion dollars.

The total damaged is valued at around 50 billion dollars.

In the news we have seen that the state of New York, among others, has been without any power. On Manhattan the only building with power was the Goldman Sachs bank. They had a huge agregat and was able to keep the building running.

Many subway stations were also closed because the tunnels were filled with water. Some places the water even rose 1,5 meters above ground level.

Many people are still without power and many are freezing because of the cold water and the lack of power.

Sandy started in the southwest Caribbean sea. From there the eye of the storm mowed north between Jamaica and Haiti, there it caused large damages on Jamaica and Haiti and almost all the electricity in Jamaica was down and the material damages and loss of lives was huge in both countries. After its visit in Jamaica and Haiti it moved to the east side of Cuba.  Here it also made huge material damages and caused a great loss of lives. Cuba was maybe the place where the storm hit that had the most catastrophic outcome. This is because most of the houses in Cuba are made of bamboo and therefore not so stabile and waterproof so the wind and floods made houses with people in them float away. The terrain in Cuba consists of a lot of soil and rivers. That means that rivers could over flood and make a lot of damages since people often lives and farms near rivers and soil don’t drain water very good so the floodwater use a long time to disappear. Cuba also got a high poverty factor so it would be hard for the population to rebuild the society. The food production is also low and when the flood came a lot of the crops got washed away since a big part of them was by the rivers.

From Cuba the storm moved towards Iceland but it turned to the west and hit the east coast of USA, one of the bug cities that got hit was new York, from new York it moved northeast and hit Iceland. When it hit Iceland most of it powers was gone and the damages was minimal.



5 thoughts on “Sandy, the Hurricane

  1. Hi Kasper! What a great post! You have found a lot of interesting information! You have answered all the questions I had in my mind before reading. I didn’t know that the damages are valued at around 50 billion dollars, or that the hurricane started in the southwest Carribean sea. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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