North Korea and sacred war


The North Korean Leader, Kim Jung Un, has visited his troops near the south sea border, and told them to be prepared  for sacred war. The news came when he vistited the island, Mu, togehter with the troops that preformed the bombing of the island, Yeonpyenog in South Korea in 2010.

He told his troops to pay good attention to the South Korean and American military exercise, and not let go of any opportunity to strike a leathal attack aginst the South Koreans if any bombs or shells droped on North Korean territories. The North’s army “Should lead the battle to a sacred war for national reunification, not confining it to a local war on the southwest region.”

North Korea claimed that the meaning of a sacred war was to regain control over the territories that were taken form them by the UN when the ceasefire was signed in 1953.

North and South Korea are actually still formally at war. The only thing that keep them from still fighting is the ceasefire.


2 thoughts on “North Korea and sacred war

  1. I’m glad there is a ceasefire, it is a scary thought if they ever go to war again. Did you know that they mixed up the flags from South and North Korea during the Olympic event? The North Koreans were not happy about that!

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