Living in Norway

Living in Norway is great! 

If you are a Norwegian citizen, you can consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world. Norway is and has been, ever since we found oil in the north sea, been votet as one of the best countries to live and work in. Norway usually place in the top 3 on UN´s list of the greatest countries to live in or HDE (Human Development Index). The list is based on life expectancy, writing and reading skills, education and GDP. (Gross Domestic Product at Purchasing Power Parity per Capita)

In Norway there is always enough food, in fact we have so much to spare that we throw away more than 300 000 tons of edible food every year. Norwegians pay a fair amount in taxes. But in return we get, among others, free health care, free school in 13 years, social security and pension. 

Norway is also a very beautiful country. We have great winters with lots of snow. It is truly beautiful.Image


2 thoughts on “Living in Norway

  1. I agree Norway is a great place to live! We are indeed lucky! Good point that we throw away so much food. That is terrible! We should be more aware of what we buy, eat and waste!

  2. The thing that stuck out to me was the 300,000 tons of edible food that Norway throws away each year. It’s not a good thing because they would lose money but it is also good because no one in Norway will struggle for food. Norway really does look like a great place to live maybe one day i will make my way there just to see how beautiful it is, if i like it ill stay there.

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